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Site Plan of Subject Property 7904 Mayfield Road

Notice of Public Meeting: 7904 Mayfield Road

Posted on Monday, December 21, 2020 03:13 PM

Public Meeting

A Public Meeting will be held to consider a proposed Zoning By-law Amendment (Temporary Use). Your input and insight will inform and shape plans that meet the needs of our community.

Due to continuing efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 and to protect individuals, Town Hall will not be open to the public to attend Public Meetings until further notice. These meetings will be held electronically. 

Meeting date: January 19, 2021 | Meeting start time: 7:00 p.m.


Site Plan for 12476 Highway 50

Notice of Application: 12476 Highway 50

Posted on Friday, December 18, 2020 11:00 AM

Proposed Changes

To amend the Zoning By-law for the subject lands from Bolton Highway Commercial to Bolton Highway Commercial – Exception XXX (CHB-XXX) to introduce site specific standards, including but not limited to modify permitted uses, increase building height, reduce planting strip widths, exterior side yard setbacks and parking space setbacks.

Applicant and Location

Applicant: Antrix Architects Inc. on behalf of 2752324 Ontario Inc.

Location: 12476 Highway 50

Lead Planner

Richard Martin,...

Media release

Caledon Urges Common Sense to Prevail on Peel Council Changes

Posted on Tuesday, December 15, 2020 04:51 PM

December 15, 2020 -- With a public meeting in just two days, the Town of Caledon continues to raise flags about rushed efforts to reduce its representation on Peel Region Council. Caledon residents are urged to voice their concerns about the proposal that would take away 40% of their seats at the Region.

Brampton unexpectedly walked on a motion at Regional Council on November 26 to take two of Caledon’s five seats on Regional Council. Brampton would go up to nine seats from its current seven. Mississauga...

Media release

Caledon advocates for due process and more time to consider Regional representation

Posted on Tuesday, December 08, 2020 09:23 AM

December 8, 2020 – The Town of Caledon is petitioning the Province of Ontario to delay a resolution that would further reduce Caledon’s voice on Regional Council and advocating for proper process and better timing as Peel Region prepares to consult with the public about municipal representation on Council.

“It’s an odd time for this discussion, and a pretty outrageous time to make actual changes,” said Mayor Allan Thompson. “Peel municipalities should be keeping their eye on the ball, which is the...

Concept Plan of 7904 Mayfield

Notice of Application: 7904 Mayfield

Posted on Monday, December 07, 2020 03:33 PM

Proposed changes

To amend the Zoning By-law for the subject lands from Agricultural (A1) and Environmental Policy Area 2 (EPA2) to Agricultural – Temporary XX (A1-XX), Environmental Policy Area 1 – Temporary XX (EPA1-XX), and Environmental Policy Area 2 – Temporary XX (EPA2-XX) to temporarily permit a commercial nursery and garden supply centre for a period of three (3) years.

Applicant and location

  • Applicant: Weston Consulting on behalf of Tarpa Construction Co. Ltd.

  • Location: 7904...